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Arizona Education is Moving in the Right Direction!

 Arizona is leading the nation in academic gains, and despite what you might be hearing, school choice is a major, if not the major factor in our success. Don't believe the hype-believe in a parent's right to choose! Whether a parent decides to send their child to a district public school near their house, use a tax credit scholarship or Empowerment Scholarship Account for a private school education, we should support their decision. Why? Because parent engagement is the primary indicator of a child's academic success, and we want to encourage parents to participate in every aspect of their child's educational experience. That starts with choosing the proper school for them. Please contact us if you have any questions about your school choice options or would like more information about Education Matters - Latino (Education Matters - Arizona). If we can't help you, we will direct you to someone who can. Contact Us!

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Hispanics For School Choice’s Zeus Rodriguez challenges Matt Damon to come see the success of School Choice in Arizona

Hispanics For School Choice's Zeus Rodriguez challenges Matt Damon to come see the success of School Choice in Arizona after picking the headline 'Matt Damon Promotes Anti-School Choice Documentary in Boston' on the #StoryOfTheDay.

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LATINO EDUCATION Closing the Achievement Gap Through School Finance Reform

Latinos represent a large and fast-growing subset of the Arizona population. There are more than 2 million individuals of Latino heritage in Arizona, making up 31 percent of the state’s total popula-tion and 44 percent of its student population. Given that Latino students already represent a plurality of Arizona students, clear need exists to focus attention and resources on this population. One potential solution is through an unlikely source: rethinking Arizona’s policy on bonds and overrides. Reforming our school finance system is a critical first step to addressing the impact of economics on this growing population. If we want our school funding system to be more equitable, we must make it less local. Reliance upon supplemental funding through bonds and overrides disadvantages schools; while wealthy districts may be able to generate additional resources, they don’t always have community support and underprivileged communities – serving Latino students in particular – often don’t take the risk due to the little reward. A system that provides the fewest resources to students with the greatest needs is fundamentally unfair. Arizona must replace its broken model with a school finance system that treats all students equitably. Read the report here:

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